Our Trustees look after the Collection of historic medical equipment, books and other ephemera, as well as its associated notes, research, and the volunteers and staff who are a part of the charity. 

The Trustees make key decisions on the direction of the charity, strategic aims and the types of activity undertaken. The Trustees finalise a budget, Annual Report and accounts each year. They work with staff to make balanced decisions about these things. These decisions are made at Trustee Meetings. 

Trustees are currently working their way through establishing a key set of policies and procedures to govern organisational activity, reporting and monitoring, including guidance for the board, volunteers and staff. They must ensure these policies and procedures are set and maintained.

The Trustees spearhead income generation through fundraising grants, service agreements and  earned income. 

Some Trustees attend and help with activities, such as volunteering at handling sessions, cataloguing sessions or helping to organise workshops. This is not required, but their expert knowledge and the variety of stories they are able to tell certainly make our activities more varied and enjoyable!

There is no requirement to be related to the medical field in any way, though about half of our current Trustees are medically-trained. We want a balanced board with a variety of skills to ensure we are running the charity to the best of our ability and resource. 

All Trustees show support for the activities of the charity and champion our Collection and our work.

We are recruiting!

Trustee - finance or fundraising expertise

We are recruiting for up to two trustees, one of which we would like to support our income generation, through fundraising and other activity. 

Ideally you should be comfortable identifying funders and helping to write applications, coordinating with other Trustees and the Coordinator where necessary. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us at

Trustee - museum experience

We are recruiting for two trustees, one of which we would like to support our museum activity and steps towards accreditation. 

Ideally you should be have some experience with how museums work and understand the accreditation process in order to work with the other Trustees and Coordinator and steer our activity towards becoming Accredited. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us at