2024: Heritage Open Days - 'Who does the museum really belong to?' Coming Soon!

Join us for Heritage Open Days for a co-curated exhibition that will ask you to contribute to a community collection and create a network of knowledge! Find out more about the collection, Exeter's asylums, and representation of women in healthcare as we ask - whose stories are told?
DATE: September

2023-4: Treasures and Thought-provokers!

Our St Nicholas Priory display will be updated with a selection of interesting items... chosen by voluteers and trustees, they show the range of items in our collection. Specially curated by our intern, Lucy.
LOCATION: St Nicholas Priory, Exeter.

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2023: Wellness & Wellbeing

St Nicholas Priory hosted our exhibition introducing the idea of 'wellbeing' and 'wellness'. This was the first of a two-part exhibition - a second part consisting of events and photographic exhibitions is available below.
LOCATION: St Nicholas Priory, Exeter.

2023: Amusing Advice: Postcards & Wellness

The second part to Wellness & Wellbeing: a small selection of postcard. Can history teach us about wellness? Leave your thoughts with us at the end!

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Online: "My life", written by LUER the hypodermic syringe

Read through our first online exhibition. Luer is one example of the numerous small, unattractive, medical instruments produced since the 1850s. In this autobiography, Luer the lowly syringe takes us through past and present uncertainties in medicine for physicians, patients, writers, artists, and policy makers.

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