As a registered charity, we are reliant on donations to help care for our Collection and present our events to the public. 

We want create an Exeter Healthcare Museum, which will work towards accreditation and ensure these objects are saved for future generations.

If you like what we do, would like to see us improve, or wish to help care for our Collection, please consider donating to support us.

or send via bank transfer – contact 

What does it cost to run a museum?

We have a range of costs as a charity and a museum, some of which include rent and utilities, staff costs, volunteer expenses, insurance, transport, costs to maintain and update our website and other publicity costs. 

Our handling sessions can cost us anywhere between £150 and £450 to put on, depending on hire charges for the room, whether we need to complete a condition check of the objects that we want include, transport costs, materials to pack our objects carefully, insurance, publicity, and volunteer expenses to help run the event. 

Materials to catalog and help conserve our Collection are usually very expensive. We need specialist table and shelf coverings, shelving, storage boxes, gloves, and costs to train and support our volunteers in collection management. 

We appreciate all contributions, big or small!

Larger donations

If you would like to be in touch about making a larger donation, please contact Megan at, as we would like to acknowledge your contributions with grateful thanks.

Find Us...

We are based at Exeter Community Centre in Exeter.

We have a display at St Nicholas Priory. The priory is open every Sunday, 1-4pm, and Monday, 10am-4pm, with free admission. 

The nearest car park is Mary Arches Street, which is a five-minute walk.

Exeter Central train station is a ten-minute walk.

The bus station is a 15-minute walk with many buses stopping on the High Street which is ten minutes away.