Thank You

Your donation will give us the opportunity to provide better care for our Collection, including purchasing of storage containers, specialist preservation materials, and help contribute towards the cost of rent, utilities, and other costs of holding the Collection. 

It will also allow us to create more events and exhibitions that help share the objects’ stories with our visitors. If you’d like to see the types of events that you are helping to support, please click this link: What We Do

You can support the Collection further by making a recurring donation* or by sharing our work – share the link to our website or social media, or just tell your freinds about us!

(*Recurring donations give us a better idea of our yearly budget and so we are in a better position to plan activities, make decisions about the Collection and be in a better financial position.) 

Find Us...

We are based at Exeter Community Centre in Exeter. We usually have volunteer sessions during the weekdays – if you are interested, please let us know! Email Megan on or take a look at our Volunteering Page.

The nearest car park is Mary Arches Street, which is a five-minute walk over Iron Bridge.

Exeter Central train station is a five-to-ten-minute walk.

The bus station is a 15-minute walk with many buses stopping on the High Street which is ten minutes away.